Pedal Cars for Kids

One toy that used to be very popular in the mid 20th century is making a 21st century comeback in a major way. These toys are pedal cars for kids. In general, these are pint-sized replicas of cars that are made for children to ride in on the sidewalk. However, these toys aren't just designed as cars. There are pedal cars that are modeled after all sorts of vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances, airplanes, and even rockets.

Pedal cars are made to spark the child's imagination. These are also great to get the child moving around. One complaint that lots of parents have, is that they can't get their kids to go outside to play like they used to. When parents of today were growing up there were no video games, nor was there 24 hours of television or computers to entertain kids. Children were forced to go outside to play. However, children didn't look at this as a bad thing. They went outside, learned how to make friends, and they also learned how to entertain themselves with constructive toys such as pedal cars. These pedal cars were great then and now for helping a child to gain confidence, and to help them imagine their future.

For example, when a child pedals in a car that looks like a firetruck or an ambulance, they might grow up with ambitions of working with a local firehouse, or with the local EMT team. A child that rides in an airplane shaped pedal vehicle might aspire to become a pilot, or to work for the airline in some capacity. There are even pedal cars that are designed after lawn mowers! These can help a child to gain confidence about riding a real lawnmower later on. They might even develop aspirations of becoming a landscaper. At the very least, they'll take very good care of their landscaping!

The great thing about 21st century pedal cars, is that they are made with girls in mind also. Today's women drive and as such, there are pedal cars for feminine sensibilities. Some of them are pink in color. Or, they are designed in the retro style of the 1950s. Then again, there are many girls who don't like pink and frilly things. There is nothing wrong with a girl pedaling along in a car that has hot rod flames on the side, or in a car that is modeled after a modern BMW. Who knows; perhaps the modern BMW will inspire the little girl to become a successful business woman who can buy her own BMW one day!

Pedal cars are a throwback to a time of innocent fun, and yet they have been redesigned to give today's child the fun and thrills that they love.


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